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Into The Heart Of Asia -> Four Years Living & Working In Bustling Hong Kong

Hong Kong1 (JPG)

Into The Heart Of Asia -> Four Years Living & Working In Bustling Hong Kong

Words and Photos by Nina Fussing

Location: Hong Kong, China

It’s a city like no other. It’s one of the densest in the world with over seven million people crammed into only 426 sq miles (1,104 km²). It’s chock-filled with high-rises, stores, streets, and evening lights so bright you forget there’s such a thing as stars. It’s bustling, crazy crowds that crush you like spawning salmon in the human flow.

“Hong Kong is a place where tourists stop to shop and those in the know come to stay.”

It’s a potpourri of people from all over the world reveling in high-end shopping and all-night parties. It’s a place no nature-loving Dane in her right mind would ever venture. Or so it might seem. Lurking beneath the surface Hong Kong is actually something entirely different. It’s unique, artistic, culturally historic, spiritual, a foodies dream and a place where just about anything is possible. There are miles of open hiking trails, parks and even an abundance of wildlife, if you know where to find it.

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Is Volun-Tourism Your Key to Perpetual Travel? An exploration in Nicaragua

Me and my 1st grade class

An exploration in Nicaragua

Words and Photos by Susan Shain

Location: From Granada, Nicaragua

The air is thick with moisture and the smell of garbage. The thermometer, if there was one in the vicinity, would read well over 95°F (35°C).

I’ve just taken a cold shower, yet I’m already dripping in sweat. I’m perched precariously on my bicycle, swerving and often dragging my feet on the ground to maintain balance.

“I’ve built my life and career around my love of travel.”

This morning, I’ve already narrowly avoided collisions with a horse, a cart bursting with bananas, and at least three different taxis. As I ride, I pass by a group of men sitting on a curb in undershirts and sandals. They appear to still be drunk from the night before. They yell a variety of colorful expressions at me (none that I haven’t heard before).

Why am I here? Is it worth it?

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