Are you on the journey of a lifetime and want to share your story and inspire others? Did you just have a unique experience that a blog post just won’t do justice? MERGE Magazine is your opportunity to showcase your writing and photography for the travel-savy world to see in a magazine format.

You may submit articles for consideration via email to nicole (at) merge-mag (dot) com. Conversely, if you would like to work with the editor on topic development or have a purchase agreement in place before submission, please fill out our contributor form and we will contact you. This form will enter you into our database of writers and provide us with the information we need to commission a written work.

Our magazine is geared for readers who want to travel on a more permanent basis or already do. They typically use slow travel methods staying in places for at least a couple weeks, but maybe several months before moving on. As such, articles are more in-depth, experiential pieces. Typical length is 1200 to 3000 words. Articles can be written in any format as the eclectic convergence of material is a testament to the diversity our writers are experiencing in the world. The only constant is engaging content. Payment is dependent on personal experience, topic, and length and can be determined before submission.

Thanks for your interest in MERGE Magazine!
See you on the road of life,
Nicole Beck