Maramureş – a fairytale adventure

Maramureş – a fairytale adventure

Words by Olivia-Petra Coman // Photos by Marcel Băncilă


Location: From Maramureş, Romania

“We arrived on a calm summer evening and were greeted by the smell of handmade soap and by the smiles on the villagers’ faces.”

I’ve seen it dressed in white and changing its colors into that almost unbelievably pure and wild green… I’ve smelt the firewood and the freshly laid hay… I’ve tasted the snowflakes and the drops of the summer rain…
When one decides to travel through this northern region of Romania, bordering Ukraine, one will have to be prepared for heavy snow and low temperatures in winter, for the cool air of the mornings and evenings in late spring, and for an almost suffocating heat in summer. We took all of these precautions but we knew deep down that a journey through Maramureş would mean a shift to a more poetic and ancient feel of places, traditions, and people. …that one look around would suffice to discover pretty red-cheeked children running across rolling hills, women still wearing their traditional costumes on Sundays, and a sense of complete peacefulness at holidays.
As these are only glimpses of this region’s flow of life, your senses might urge you to discover more as did mine.
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