MERGE started out as an outlet for the amazing travel experiences I was having as well as those of all the great people I was meeting throughout my travels. I love reading travel magazines, but was always acutely aware that sponsored trips, promotions, and paid travel were the sources behind the stories. Reading about an incredible experience someone had, is put into a different light when you would be hard pressed to financially make the same trip yourself. Of course their trip was incredible; who wouldn’t jump at the chance to go, see, and do it all, at a fraction of the cost it would typically cost? Travel magazines these days are written for dreamers, and not so much for do-ers. MERGE Magazine is the choice for those who do travel and those who are working towards a location independent lifestyle that will allow them to travel as much as they want too.

What I realized, is that I would love to read a magazine full of pure travel writing. People like me and those I was meeting on the road, who had uprooted themselves from a conventional lifestyle, made tough choices, and committed to traveling the world. Through their eyes, I would have a true account of all of the aspects of travel, whether funny, disappointing, challenging, or incredible. Our writers are travelers by choice and decision, not by employment and sponsorship. Articles influenced by promotional resources will not be found under our covers. This is real life, on the road – sometimes incredibly breathtaking and others not so much! Weighing the value, benefit, and experiential education is easier when you are footing the bill. The other consideration when starting the magazine was to provide a different reading experience than blogs are able to offer. As such, our articles are more in-depth and insightful pieces. They do not require reading a back-story or researching past posts to get the full story. It is a literary travel magazine that you will want to read with your drink-of-choice in hand.

While we do have advertisements in the magazine, they are separate from the writing as they should be. We strive to work with companies that bring additional value to our readers so the ads are supportive in their travel endeavors. Your consideration of these ads helps us to keep the subscription costs of the magazine reasonable and to pay the writers who bring the stories of the world to us.

So, with the unwavering support of my husband and our son, my brilliant designer, and many travelers, we have created a travel lifestyle magazine for the world to enjoy. Not the least bit pretentious, yet extremely valuable to anyone interested in travel. We hope you love MERGE and drop us a line with feedback when you can.

Safe Travels,
Nicole Beck