Letting Go in the Middle of Nowhere by Laura Baker

Laura Baker of Ethos Adventures

Laura Baker of Ethos Adventures

It’s human nature to form expectations, to plot and plan, hope and dream. We do it because we are taught to be goal oriented and outcome driven; we want the best. We think that by identifying what we need out of a single experience we can influence our circumstances to achieve these assumed requirements.

We have all heard stories about someone’s amazing trip that was made extra special by something they hadn’t expected to happen. We hear these and are inspired to travel ourselves only to feel disappointed when we don’t find the same result or experience.

“We become so committed to the expectation that we can’t see what is before us and instead fight the reality of the present moment, sacrificing it, in order to achieve the expectation.”

As an advanced society we are made to feel that if an experience doesn’t provide the expected outcome, there must have been a failure of someone, somewhere, and often we blame ourselves. “I should have planned better.” “I should have researched this more.”

I have long known that as much as I love being in control of my plans, travel and otherwise, that I truly have the most amazing experiences when nothing goes as expected. As part of my business I am constantly researching and scouting great adventures, which means that my personal experiences are necessarily planned and predictable. Yet, I recently found something completely unexpected when out scouting in Death Valley.

This is my story. (

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